Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another Day, Another Dollar...

Last night Gabi had a great night. No fevers, she slept comfortably, and at one point we even saw her heart rate at 127. What a relief to finally feel a bit of comfort. We are still far from going home. If we can get the UTI under control then we have a big week ahead of us with the trach. As much as we do not want to have to put Gabi on the trach, we definitely feel it will be in her best interest.
Yesterday they stopped the medication that was suppose to help decrease her chest output, it seemed to have increased while on it. Today we are actually seeing a lot less, so we are praying that maybe she just needed that med. to help with some reverse psychology??? Today they starting giving her formula again, a very small amount to test her tummy. Her poor little tushy seems to be getting worse. It is so frustrating, she NEVER had a diaper rash before, and now her skin is breaking down so terribly. It started out as two small slivers of skin that looked like they had been cut out...not to deep, but now they are deep and just keep getting bigger. I am worried it will never heal. Every time she poop poos it irritates the skin, never allowing the skin to heal. Finally the wound team decided to put some aquacel pads directly on her bottom with a mepilex foam pad over that, it creates a barrier...hopefully this will do the trick!
Prayers for a healing little tushy, among other things!!!

So here is a fun fact, we have been in the hospital 46 days so far, with no idea of how much longer we will be here. It costs $7,000 a day to stay in PICU, it is another $3,000 a day to be on the vent, and I have no idea how much all the medication costs (one med she was on she took twice a day and each dose was $1,500). So we are figuring by the time we are out of here, we will be bringing home a million dollar baby!!! So that is our newest idea for t-shirts. Jason had t-shirts made when Gracie was born...Team Acker XXS, 6.9 lbs
We have been thinking for a while now what we should do for Gabi, well now we have it...
Million Dollar Baby!!!


Shannon said...

And worth every penny and more I am sure!

Anonymous said...

Million Dollar Baby! Ha Ha that's funny and sad at the same time, medical attention is ridiculous! My dad use to have to take shots for his hemophillaic(to make his blood clot) that cost 13,000 a shot..three times a day! OUTRAGEOUS!

I am glad that she had a calm night. I hope that all the test will come back negative and everything will be great!
Love you
.p.s. email me and tell me more about the walk and of couse I can't walk but I will send you some money. Does it benefit Gabi or all Tris. 21 kids? let me know k??
p.s. a visit is in progrees