Sunday, August 5, 2007

Something to Think About...

Well after yesterdays overwhelming news about the possibility of a trach, things seems a bit more in the right perspective now. When have talked to the Gudde family, Isabella has a trach and we plan to call Nate and Amy to talk to them about Kaden. We have talked in much depth with the doctors and nurses and we are waiting to speak to our surgeon on Tuesday. So we have a big week coming up. I pray that God gives us the strength to make the best decision for our angel. There are so many pros and cons to do the trach, but at the same time there are many pros and cons to keeping her on the vent. Jason and I are asking a ton of questions, so I know we will make a very educated decision.

Today has been busy, lots and lots of visitors. Gabi has had a fairly well day, she ran a little fever this afternoon, but nothing alarming and it is slowly coming down. She got an increase in her formula today from 8 cc's to 10 cc's, and then tonight they will increase again to 12cc's. So she is getting about 50% of what our goal is...we are slowly getting there.

Today she did the cutest thing, we were talking to Dr. Klem about the trach, and she was laying obviously on her back she reached up with her right arm and starting wiggling her fingers, like she was waving. She has never done this before and Jason and I lite was perfect timing for a serious conversation with the doc.

On that note I will say I hope all has a good evening and I will update tomorrow...look forward to a new video, if I can remember how to do it!


nate and amy said...

You guys can definately call us. I think I gave you Nate's cell number but if not, you can reach us either at 785-313-5434 or 313-5435. We have learned a few new things lately that would have made our decision faster when it came to Kaden getting trached. I know that the whole trach ordeal is a pretty scary thought, but believe it or not it was such a relief after he received it. He was actually smiling after he had the surgery. I think he appreciated it a bunch. I hope the doctors can figure out why she keeps spiking a temp, poor baby. Well, I hope the decision comes easy for you guys either way. You are so welcome to call and talk to us!!! Take care...and sweet dreams Gabi. Nate and Amy

Anonymous said...

Gabi, your mommy is right I do think you were waving. Last night everytime we started to leave I let go of your little hand and you just kept waving your sweet tiny hand. You know how to get to my heart. You had such a good day and you looked so good. Keep up the good work little angel, you are in my thoughts and prayers every minute of the day...I love you so much!!

MiMi T. (see you tonight)

Anonymous said...

I think that God will point you in the right decision-he truly does have your best interest at heart even though at times it may feel like he's giving you more than you can handle. Waving?..omg how am I missing all of this? I can get a buddy pass and come visit.. Let me know-I promise any time is good for me
love you n god bless
buglet aka Dana