Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ducky in Mommy's Arms

First off to explain the title I must say, Gabi was so happy to have her baby in her arms yesterday! She played with ducky at home, it's the only stuffed animal that she has actually played with and thrown around. I could tell yesterday when she had ducky she was happy, she would not let go!
Gabi had a fairly clam evening, sleep great and she had no issues. But today did not start off so well. Jason and I got here around 10:30. As soon as we walked into her room we noticed her heart rate was at 205 and rising. She had her temperature taken and sure enough a fever...104.6 to be exact. We were so frustrated. They gave her tylenol and more sedation to help take off some of the edge, she was extremely agitated, who wouldn't be? Anyways her heart rate reached 217, still no doctor...we were getting very agitated at this point. Finally an hour later someone came in. Then shortly after Dr. Allen came in with today's update.
Something finally showed up on the cultures, she has a urinary track infection. Poor angel, for anyone who has had one it is very painful, so hopefully the meds are helping with the pain! Which can help explain the fevers for the last day or 2, so at least we have a little more direction. No major changes to meds, a small increase on the med that is suppose to help decrease the chest tube output...although yesterday she had more output than she has in a while. So hopefully that med kicks in, if not we will keep her on it.
Her heart rate is now holding steady at 160, even though 2 days ago she was steady at 130-140...I will take 160 over 217 any day!
Update on our friend Isabella, she is doing much better today. They got her virus under control and they actually put her back on her home vent today. Matt and Megan were smiling ear to ear when they gave us the report today. So thank you for the continual prayer for Isabella.
I know we as for a lot of prayers, but I have one more to add to the list...Parker.
Parker is a little guy who is fighting just as hard is not harder than Gabi. He has had a lot of health issue that I am still reading about on his blog.
This little guy needs our prayers. I have become a member of an online group, T21 Discussion Forum, it is amazing. I have met so many mom's with children just like my little Gabi. I am so excited to be involved with such a wonderful group of women. People who I know will become our lifelong pals! I thank God everyday for my little extra special angel. And now I can thank her for being me into a world that I have only been missing out on! Love to all my T21 mommies!!! And thank you for the encouraging worlds, it definitely helps through these dark times!


Amy Flege said...

oh i hope things go better today after her meds kick in.. saying a prayer for sweet gabi!!!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Love right back at ya! Hopefully things will get better with the fevers now that you have something identified.

Anonymous said...

love back in your direction! We feel blessed that you find your way to our T21 home as well! I keep your darling in my prayers constantly! Hopefully they can get that infection under control pronto!

Sharon and Marco, T21 online

Anonymous said...

Sorry that Gabi has had such a rough day, but we are happy to hear that they have found a cause to her fevers. She looks so cute with her little toy, she must have been pretty excited to see it. Well have a great night and sweet dreams little Gabi. Nate and Amy

Anonymous said...

Hi there guys! Dad says, Miss Gabi just misses her pastor and he hasn't been in there the past 2 weeks due to being on vacation! He said, they should be home this weekend and he will talk to her and smooth her all out for ya!! He said, she just misses her "other pappaw". LOL Boy, this girl is lucky she's got all kinds of "aunts" and "uncles" and other "grandparents" from all over. She is such a beautiful girl who is LOVED so much! My clients email daily and let me know that they are checking on her blog and praying for you all. So our prayers are still with you daily, as well as the others you have posted. Gabi sure is testing your faith, isn't she?!?! Hang in there, MOM! It is all be better soon. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Oh, it is so good to hear you found the T21 group and such the AMAZING support you are receiving from them!! Such a nice group of parents. Take care. Love, Angie Cain-Arnett

jenhiatt said...

I am praying for your little girl everyday! She is so beautiful and I check your blog everyday for updates.
Stay strong!!