Saturday, August 4, 2007

Game Plan

Well today did not go as we had hoped. I made arrangements for Gracie to spend the weekend with her mommy and Micah and I are going to spend the weekend at the Hospital. We were very excited to be able to spend the night with her again especially since she has been having crazy high temperatures at night. Well, the doctor came in to give us an update with still no understanding of why she is spiking and then began a new conversation with us on something we need to start considering...Tracheostomy.

This is something that has not really crossed our minds and the Doctor didn't really give us much to go on other than her needing one. Later on the nurses gave us a lot of the positives to having the trach. Micah and I are going to spend the weekend discussing and researching Trach's...So Nate and Amy I'm sure we'll be giving you a call as soon as we get a chance! haha

I'm not sure if Micah mentioned it or not but the National Convention for Down Syndrome was this weekend in Kansas City. So our friends Carey, Ryan, and their beautiful little girl Chelsea ( from Topeka came to visit, Logan couldn't make it, he was with Grandma. It was so good to for Micah to see Chelsea and Chelsea warmed up to Micah enough that she reached out twice for Micah to hold her. It definitely made the day much easier for Micah so thank you Carey and Ryan for coming to visit and bringing Chelsea with you.

We don't really know much more about Isabella other than she has a virus that they need to figure out what it is so they can start targeting it to get it out of her body. They are a very strong family but continue to need our prayers. They are a long ways from home and have been up here at CMH for a very very long time. Isabella also has a Trach so I'm sure we'll be talking to her mom and dad very soon as we figure out our decision with the Trach for Gabi.

Well we hope to report that by us being her that Gabi will not have a crazy high temperature and insane heart rate in the morning report! If that is the case I'm sorry but Micah you're not going to be coming home for a while! haha

Jason, Micah, Gracie, and Gabi


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! Stay strong. Remember the saying "it always gets worst before it can get better!".. It will get better soon!! God doesn't give you more than you can handle and for some reason he believes in everything that your doing! So remember.. be strong and god bless!
p.s. Micah, I went to the Buckle yesterday.. ya know our store 321 and it was so hard not to ask Lateef(new man) for a, I miss that place but more than tht I miss you! Be safe love u