Monday, August 6, 2007

Beginning of week 6

Wow, I cannot believe tomorrow we will of be here 6 weeks. That is way to long and I know that we are not anywhere close to leaving. It is very exhausting and sometimes I wonder how we will go to the end, but then we look at Gabbers and our answers are right there in front of us.

Today she is being challenged of her feeding, she went from 12cc's this morning to 17cc's and this afternoon she will finish out the day at 22cc's. Not sure why we are pushing so hard today, but I will ask when the doctor comes around. She has had some respiratory treatments today, her lungs were a little clasped in some areas. Same thing as before so hopefully tomorrows x-rays will be back to normal.

She was spoiled by Nurse Shelia last night...thank you!!! She is sporting a blue blankey with cute stars. Her hair is back to her diva ways, piggies with red scrunchies...she our doll baby!!!

That's all I know for now, so I will keep you in the loop:)

Be sure to check out the previous entry, it's another video!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys - what an adorable video!! She's such an angel. She looks so bright eyed and bushy tailed in the video!! That is awesome! Week 6 - wow. I'm sure it's tough. Keep up your strength. As always, you're in our thoughts and prayers. Take care -- Love, Sara Hagen

Shannon said...

I've been checking out your blog, and I am so glad you decided to go to the T21 messege board to tell us about your Gabi. She is a beautiful girl!

Mauzy said...

I just found your blog from the tri21online website and wanted to say hello, and we will be thinking of Gabriele. What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

OH she is such a doll! Look at her all grown up and waving at us and telling us she's ok. Too bad she didn't do that last week when I was there, I would have LOVED to see that! (and probably cried too!) How are you 2 guys holding up?? Hang in there guys! We are praying for you both and for Miss Gabi too. You know Gabi is such a beautiful little girl that is LOVED so much from everyone and everywhere! Take care guys! Angie Cain-Arnett
PS Lee will be here Thursday from South Korea! So she will be in church Sunday. See you then!

nate and amy said...

What a cute video!!! She looks like she's waving bye-bye and ready to go (who can blame her). Kaden does the same thing when we are in the hospital. He watched the video with me today and boy was he interested. I hope that everything is going well. Stay strong (you too, Gabi), believe it or not the end of your hospital stay will come. Your family has a very special place in our hearts. We've been there and understand the frustration and the desire just to make it all better and our hearts go out to you. I thank God every night for trusting us to love and take care of such a special little boy, and I believe that He put his trust into you knowing that you would be the perfect parents for Gabi. You are doing an amazing job that a lot a "parents" unfortunately would not do. You guys have been champs, stay strong!!! Take care and sweet dreams Gabi. Nate and Amy

Anonymous said...

Hey Gabbers!! I love to see you waving at your mama and your fans!! Love, Laurie

Tara Marie said...

Gabriele is just precious and we will be checking in often to send her positive thoughts and prayers.

I hope today goes well with the feeding.

Hug & Kisses, Emma Sage and her Momma from T21online