Friday, August 10, 2007

A Day at the Pool!

Well today was the last day of summer for Gracie to be with us. Gracie has been such an amazing little trooper through all of this going on with Gabi. She has had to endure spending many long days at the hospital with Micah. Spending a lot of time with Grandparents and having to work alongside dad as well. Not to mention witnessing her sister have to fight for her life with tubes coming from all over her body. Gracie truly is an amazing little girl.

Since this was our last day I decided to take Gracie to the pool and just spend time with her today. So Gracie, Micah and myself spent the day at the pool. It was a hot one but it was a great day. Gracie got to go off of a slide that had about a 4 foot drop at the end of it. She threw the rock and roll as she went down for her little brother, she played the electric guitar, she blew it up for big mike, and a great big woohooo for her little sister! Amazingly enough the little turd also just walked right off of the high dive and did some cool stuff off of the low board as well. Her and I practiced our back flips in the deep end and had an awesome time playing under water. This is Gabi's blog, but her big sister Gracie has been a good little fighter through all of this too and I'm so blessed to have two of the strongest little girls I know.

Gabi had a good day also...I'm sure she wishes she could of been back at the pool with Micah and Gracie and I but she will get there soon enough. She had a couple of fevers, nothing new. They have started her on a new antibiotic which will target her Urinary Tract Infection more effectively. They also have sent some stool off for testing and we have to wear these crazy gowns within 3 feet of her until the tests come back. Most of the nurses think they will come back negative tomorrow around 6. Heart rate is currently sitting at 139 so that is good. Micah and I decided we are going to spend the weekend up here with Gabi and I'm sure now that Gracie has gone back to school Micah will be spending more nights here at the hospital, as will I.

Micah is going to get to hold Gabi tonight as well, and to set the record straight I don't think there is any better place for Gabi than in her mothers arms. Daddy is just a bit of a worrier and I hate to see her numbers jump and watch her cough and fuss in the move from the bed to mommy and from mommy back to the bed. It is the best thing in the world for both of them so I am learning to be more quiet about it! haha. Gabi is always much more relaxed and happier when mommy holds her. Daddy wants to hold her too but with all that I don't like her to have to be moved twice more for me to hold her! I'll wait for the Trach to be put in and then mom and I will be fighting for time! haha.

Isabella is doing much better so that is good. Her parents live 3 hours away but one of the nurses lined up a job for Megan, Isabella's mom, while she is stuck up here so that was pretty awesome, so things are looking up for them. We met another family up here that has a little boy about Gabi's age as well that is scheduled for another heart surgery very soon but keeps getting colds that put off his surgery. They are a very nice family as well and their son has one of the most complicated heart defects. There are so many families and people that need extra prayers, and we are so blessed to have all of you that are following along and offering up prayers for us. One good blanket prayer for all of the children that are fighting for their lives in the PICU at CMH would be a good one to add!

One last thing and I promise I'll be done! haha. A wonderful family that we met up here that I'm sure if you've read the comments on the blog you've seen their name. Nate and Amy have finally set up a blog for their little boy Kaden. If you would like to see their story and send out some prayers to Kaden, I'm sure they would greatly appreciate it. They have sent many many prayers our way! ( Sweet dreams little Kaden!

Jason, Micah, Gracie (waterbug), Gabi (Pink and Squishy)


nate and amy said...

Gracie, you are a great big sister, Gabi is one lucky little girl to have such a wonderful sister to look up to. The way that your parents talk about you and the way you are with Gabi, I am sure you feel just as lucky. Jason, I understand how you feel when they are moving her around with the tube down her throat...but good for you for trying to "stay quiet" about it!!! Thank you so much for mentioning Kaden's blog. I haven't been able to put up pics yet but hopefully tomorrow. We hope you all enjoy your weekend with Gabi and things go great. Did the doctor mention what day they might do the surgery on? Well, take care you two and sweet dreams little Gabi. Nate and Amy

Shannon said...

Gracie sounds like a great big sis, and she will feel so blessed for having Gabi as her little sis!