Monday, July 9, 2007

Another Day

Sorry we haven't updated since yesterday morning, but I finally took advantage of her doing well and went home. It was the first time I had been home in 2 weeks. It was a bit emotional for me, just leaving the parking lot made me cry. I stayed till 7pm so that way I would at least know who would be watching her through the night. Nurse Debbie was suppose to be here, but the poor thing broke her arm. We were very sad for her when we found this out. So we wish her a speedy recovery. Hopefully we will see her again, she may be out for a while.

Anyways I am sure you all are dying to find out what is going on today. Well although yesterday was a good day, we did have to turn her epi back on, but only.05...which hardly counts for anything. She did not need it for her blood pressure, she needed it because she wasn't peeing enough. She still has quite a bit of fluid to get rid of so that is why they started her back up on the helps her pee. Silly girl keeps doing this back and forth on the pee pee. I talked to Gracie yesterday and she was suppose to do the pee pee dance 3 times for sissy. Don't know if I mentioned this but Gracie and I made up a pee pee has worked before, so we will continue to do it for as long as we have to. She actually has picked up a little bit on it, so hey silly or not we will do the pee pee dance! Nothing else of significance has changed. They are starting to wean her off of her sedatives so she is a bit more alert, but still very sleepy. She is in a very comfy spot. Because of the lack of pee looks like she will be on the ventilator a little longer than we hoped. Our goal is to wean her off of the ventilator by Friday! Then I will be able to hold her...I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT DAY!!!

I will do better than yesterday updating, I plan on staying here tonight so I have time to be on the computer...alot!


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Just checking in. Gabi looks fabulous!!! Looks like she is getting her little features back. I see you all heard about my accident - crazy! Thank you for your well wishes. I am not sure how long I will be out, but I am sure Gabbers will be home by the time I come back. I have to stop by the unit tomorrow on my way to the surgeon, so I will stop by and say hello. In the meantime give her big kisses from me!

Thinking of you!
Nurse Debbie