Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 22

Not to many changes have occurred since the last entry. Although I will finish the update from yesterday. Gabi's kidneys are functioning, they are still just very very weak. Her diaphram is lower than should be, but it will heal on its own. She is malnutritioned so they have increased how much she get on an hourly rate, not quite an ounce every hour. She has some regurgitation in her left valve...the blood flow is going out to the body the way it should, but not all of it is going out. There is very typical in AV canal repairs, with time it will heal itself as well. Dr. Banwartz said last night, he is on all week, do not expect her to come off the ventilator this week. She needs to rest and heal without having to do so much work.
She gas an air leak in her ventilator tube, she sounds like a little gremlin, it's cute! Nothing to worry about though, these things happen and it's ok!
Today she is getting less adoban and methodone (I probably totally messed up the spelling on those). Anyways these meds. help with the withdraw symptoms and ease some pain. So the Nurse Ed said expect her to be more awake.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that there haven't been any real setbacks - just some SLOW healing. She's letting you know there's a NEW sheriff in town and she'll come home when she's good and ready!! Better eat your WHEATIES ;)

Love Aunt GiGi

Anonymous said...

The pictures are so cute! I bet that little white bear helps her sleep at night just like it did for Gracie Girl. It is a very special bear you know. I can't believe Gracie ever gave it up. She sure loves her little Sissy! Keep staying strong Micah. She will be home before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Miss. Gabriele, Its time to be honest with your poor mother and tell her that in reality you are just fine and that you are milking this whole thing for as long as you can because of all the extra special attention you've been getting. You may not have a crib quite as cool as your hospital one at home, but trust me, your mom will still give you cute piggies and do your nails and everything when you go home. I know that you have become quite the celebrity and the little diva there at the hospital and that will be hard to give up, but you'll have to do it sometime, at least for your poor mama's sake!!! Love you Gabbers, Laurie

Anonymous said...

In spite of the running and playing I am doing in Little Rock, I have managed to daily check on you kids. God Bless you all! I know how hard it is on you all but the suffering you are having now will go away as that little darlin' heals. Keep up the good work! Dorothy Pritchard