Monday, July 16, 2007

Deep Breath...

Sorry for the delay in todays entry, but I forgot the computer at home. Gracie would not let me go back to the house to pick it up, she wanted to see sissy! And it's a good thing we didn't stop to get it, on our way to the hospital we got a phone call from Nurse Stacey. Gabi was extubated today...NO MORE VENTILATOR!!! WOW, what a surpise, we had no idea it would happen so soon. She had a great night, so they were sure she was up for the challenge today. Overall she did really well, but towards the end of the day they decided to put the breathing mask on her to help, because she is working so hard. This is not necessarily a bad thing, she is still very weak and they don't want her to over do it. Now this is not completely permanent, there is still a chance they may need to put her back on the ventilator, but so far so good!

One thing I would like to request though is a special prayer specifically to take away her fever. Poor baby has been running a fever the past 2 days... today it spiked to 102, that is not good. All of her cultures keep coming back negative so that is good, but they can't seem to break her fever. So we would all appreciate an extra request in your prayers for our angel.

Another exciting thing today half of her staples came out. She is healing very nicely. It won't be long and they will all come out.

I must admit today I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I know this may only be temporary, but it is nice to actually get results that make all smile! We are well on our way to healing and recovering and most importantly coming home. Thank you to all for the contiuous prayers, we have definitely been blessed.


Anonymous said...

Wonderfull News!Can't wait to see and hold you! Can't wait to see Mom and Dad and Gracie also. Won't be long. Planning on Saturday the 21st. We're praying for that fever to come down. Love You All - Grandma % PaPa

Anonymous said...

You are all so strong....God bless you and we are praying.