Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Blues...

Not much has changed since yesterday. Gabi is still on edge. Her fever spiked to 103 this morning. This is a big concern. They took more cultures and we have to wait for results. The doctors seem to think it is still related to her withdraws though. She has needed her diapers changed every hour, she is a mess. And her poor bottom, they think it looks better, I don't know if I would agree though. It is not bleeding as bad, but it is completely raw...poor baby girl!

I know many of you have been following our story for a while now and thank you. I want to take time out to say a special congrats to a special family we met in here. Nate, Amy, and their little guy Kaden...CONGRATS on the new edition they will be adding to their family in February. We will pray for the baby's health and Amy, that you will have an good pregnancy. You will definitely have to keep us posted! We are so excited for you guys!!! Feb. what??? my b-day is the 10th.

Anyways I hope everyone has a great week, especially my sweet Gabi!!!


Anonymous said...

Feb. 6th so it will be a close one. About poor Gabi's bottom ...Kaden went through the same thing, it was horrible. We tried lots of things to help him. One that seem to work best (better than the ton of things the doc. prescribed) was plain old aquaphor. If you coat it, I mean, like you love frosting and you are frosting a cupcake, it could work miracles for poor little Gabi too. I so understand what you are talking about though, Kaden's poor little bottom would be so raw that every time his diaper was wet or dirty he would throw a HORRIBLE fit. Ask the nurses about it and they can have the doc. order it. It may take awhile to start healing, but it's worth a shot. Well, I hope that her fever is just due to withdrawls and that it soon will pass. Take care, Nate and Amy