Thursday, July 5, 2007

Nighty Night...

Overall we had a good day. I forgot to mention earlier that she was not able to be weaned off of the Epe, blood pressure med., I mentioned last night. Her kidneys are still a bit weak, still recovering so she will continue this med for a bit longer. Last night she also peed a bit less than we had hoped, but she picked it back up again today. The feedings have gone great. Her tummy is tolerating the formula...Wahooooooooo!!!

So she has defnitely been a wiggle worm today. The nurse gave her numerous doses of sedation, but she has built up a very high tolerance. She did mention that babies with down syndrome have a higher metabolism and have a tendancy to tolerate a lot of meds. before they actually kick in and do there job. I thought that was an interesting fun fact for the day. If any more change come this evening I will post, but I don't except to have to report anything. So I hope everyone has a good evening...get some good rest...for me!


nate and amy said...

Just checking in to see how Gabi is doing. Sounds like she is doing great!!! I saw the pictures from the fourth, she is such a sweetie. It brought tears to my eyes, bringing back memories and remembering how helpless Nate and I felt as parents. It is amazing to look back on it later and realize just how strong you as parents really were. You guys are doing a wonderful job, and I know I say that often, but I truly mean it. She is an amazingly strong little girl. We have a quote on a slide show we have of Kaden, it says...
"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." (author unknown) I love that quote, it is so appropriate, especially in a situation like this. I pray Gabi continues her progress so she can get home and enjoy all of the hugs and kisses she will receive.
Take care, Nate and Amy