Monday, July 30, 2007


Well today is a very big day, it is Daddy's big 3-0. Kind of hard to celebrate the way we should, but he can't complain to much considering the circumstances. The girls got daddy Nike outfits, imagine that! Gracie was so excited about the outfits she gave them to him on Saturday night. She told me, Micah I just can't wait I have to give them to was really cute!!

And for Miss Gabbers she had an eventful day as well. Her catheter is out and she is still doing well peeing...yipee! No decrease in her sedation today, she had a few withdraws so we are just staying at the same level as yesterday. When we got here today Gabi was so excited her heart rate hit the roof...Daddy seems to have that effect on her, but now she is sleeping. She looks just like a little angel, aw who am I kidding she is a little angel.

I would like to tell you about another family that we have become friends with, The Gudde's. Little Isabella is 7 months old. She has had numerous problems since she was born, including a trek. She spent 98 days in the PICU, well last week she got to go home. It was such a wonderful day for her parents, not to mention for her too! It was bitter sweet for the nurses, always good but sad to see such an amazing little one go home. At 3am this morning she had to be life flighted back to Childrens Mercy, they live like 3 hours away. She is septic, which means she is full of infection. They are not sure what caused this, but she is not doing so well. Could you please add baby Isabella to your prayers.

It has been amazing the support you find with people you would of never known until coming here. But it is very hard to see a family struggling, especially when you yourself have experienced the struggle with your own child. My heart goes out to the Gudde's and I know we will say an extra prayer for their little angel.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Gabbers! She is giving Happy Birthday pee pee for Daddy ;) So sad to hear about the other family that continues to struggle. One thing is for sure - being up there and witnessing the heartache that other families experience sure helps you to see the blessings in your own situation. Good thing God doesn't give us a limit on prayer requests.

Love Aunt GiGi

nate and amy said...

Go Gabi, sounds like you are improving a little each day. That is wonderful news. Happy birthday "daddy." We hope your day went well. Micah, if you bump into the family you mentioned, would you let them know that if they have any questions about anything or would like to talk about the whole trach ordeal that they can get in touch with us. Our e-mail is If they need a phone number let me know. When we were getting ready to go home the first time I would have really liked to talk to someone who knew about taking care of a little one at home with a trach. We actually had to go back exactly a week after Kaden went home initially. It was absolutely miserable after being in the hospital for so long and then getting to go home just to end up back in the hospital, so I completely understand the frustration. We will add her to our prayers. We are so glad to hear the good news about Gabi. She is such a fighter, keep fighting little one. You are one tough little cookie. Take care and sweet dreams. Nate and Amy

Anonymous said...

Gabi, I guess we all had another reality check yesterday...I saw the other family last night and my heart goes out to them. I just look at your sweet little face, praying for continued strength for you and your mommy and daddy. Its tough on all of us but mostly for you little angel. Be strong little one and know that God has you in his hands. I love you and can't wait to see you tonight!!
Love, Mimi T.

p.s.- Hope daddy had a great 30th!!

Dana Sue said...

First off.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the "brother-in-law" that I have never met! I can't wait to meet you-hopefully it will be soon!

Secondly..CONGRATS to Gabi for improving every day. You truly are an inspiration and a fighter..keep it up girl!

Micah-I miss you more than anything. My parents said hey and that they are so proud of you for being such a strong person-they like me never imagined it.. But your doing such a great job as a mother and a wife!

Well off to sun bathe-God bless your family and Isabella and her family as well!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! 30 Years old and you act like you are 12!! Who knew!! All my love to the little one.