Sunday, July 22, 2007

Darn Addictions!

Well, it has been a while since daddy has left a entry on here so we figured it was about time.

Micah and I called the hospital this morning before church only to find out that Gabi had gone through some severe withdrawals from her Narcotics that helped her through the pain of surgery. She was very active, lots of rapid eye movement, and 6 poopy pants in 5 hours. With this they had to give Gabi some Morphine, increase her Methadone, which is what is supposed to help with her withdrawals, and also increase some other drug to help with the withdrawals. Not to mention all of this caused her to get a fever of close to 103, and now requires more fluids. So here we go with pink and really really squishy again and will just have to come down slower this time, to get rid of the fluids.

If I was a guessing man I would say that we will be in the ICU for a minimum of another 2 weeks and not out of the hospital for an additional week or so after that. That being said, sanity is going to be difficult to maintain for mommy.

We did make it to church this morning even with the news of Gabi's rough night. We felt like we needed to be with our congregation this morning. It was good to be at church and see everyone and update them on how Miss Gabers was doing. It was also a good reminder of how many other people close to us continue to need our prayers.

So here is what I would like to do now. Micah and I have been so focused on Gabi, Gracie, and Work that we have not had much of a chance to know what is going on with all of our friends and family that are following along with us. So please drop us a line and let us know how things are going, we spend a lot of time in prayer so if you need some prayers we have several people that we're currently praying for a long with Gabi. If you just have something exciting going on, something entertaining, or something that would lift our spirits we would love to hear it.

For Example: Nate and Amy we would love to hear how Kaden is doing and how he is progressing! ;-)

Jason, Micah, Gracie, and Gabi (pink...stubborn...and really squishy! haha)


Anonymous said...

We are sorry to hear that Gabi had a rough night. We pray that her fever will come down and that she remains comfortable as she continues to get stronger. As we said before, we think you two are amazing parents. Keep strong and (believe it or not) the time will come when you can go home and be a "family" again. Kaden is doing well. He has been having some rough nights for the past week or so...just not sleeping well. I think it is due to allergies. He is also going to be a big brother come Feb. We are really excited about that. We just pray that the baby will be a healthy one. Having you guys ask about others in such a trying time shows how wonderful and caring you really are. Thank you for asking about Kaden. You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Take care. Sweet dreams Gabi!!!

Anonymous said...

Jason, Micah and Gracie~
It was so good to see you in church today! Jason, you made me cry again, when you was updating us on Gabi's reports! You have to quit that. LOL I am soooo AMAZED how strong you both are holding up. I don't know how you are both are doing it other than God is helping you thru this. Sometimes it takes a few steps back to move forward for little Gabi and I know that is so hard for you. I am so glad God has given you Gabi and has made you both stronger, better, christian people. You are the best parents the little girl could ask for! Hey, she's already spoiled and not even 1 yet!! LOL Guys, I honestly don't know how many clients I have given your info out to but it has got to be at least a couple hundred by now, and there are lots of people praying for you and Gabi. Hannah May still sends her kisses everytime I bring up Gabi's blog! I think when you bring her home, she is going to think Gabi is her baby! Emma is her baby too! It was so brave of you to hold Emma yesterday and I know it was hard for you to do that. Hang in there buys and we will continue to pray for you. Love, The Arnett's