Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sweet Dreams...

Well all in all today was ok. The little booger is not peeing. Me, Daddy, and Gracie made up a pee pee dance and song. We performed quite a few times, the nurses absolutely adore Gracie. As if she has never heard how much of a doll she is! It helped a little but we are still not seeing the results we want. So they are playing a bit with a few medications and just doing the old wait and see...have we ever mentioned how much we hate that game!

Today for me was much better than yesterday. I had a bit of a hard time dealing with a particular staff member. I am super sensitive to everything right now (imagine that) and well he was not. So yesterday for me was negative, but today seemed better. I have to tell you though Gabi does not look like our pink and squishy, she is really really squishy! She is still as beautiful as ever, but she is full of fluids. It is hard to see her this way, I keep asking if there is a point where we get concerned that she is so full, but we are far from no worries. It is just hard to see my little baby so big.

Heart rate and blood pressure as still at good levels. She is weening off her blood pressure meds a little at a time so that is exciting. It is so great to see the baby steps forward, but we continue to have our faith in God, because like Jason said things change every minute.


Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for being sensitive, who wouldn't be. There were plenty of times that we did not see eye to eye with staff members at the hospital (don't get me wrong, they are amazing). But just remember that you two know Gabi better than anyone, and if you don't agree with the doctors or nurses then they should take your thoughts into consideration. You of all people have her best interest at heart. Hang in there and be as sensitive as you want!!! Take care, nate and amy