Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Good Night Sweet Angel Baby!

Today Gabi had a sudden outburst of pee pee. She peed a total of 133 cc's, now she is showing off...hey I will take her showing off any day! Because she is peeing so much they have actually started giving her a potassium supplement. They stopped giving her constant fluid to her chest tubes and now she just gets a few small doses through out the day. We are "fluid restricting" her is get her "dry", that is exactly what Nurse Debbie.

Her is something fun. Last night Nurse Shelia found a red, white, and blue blanket for 4th of July for Miss Gabbers. So tonight when Nurse Debbie changes her bedding she will be ready to celebrate tomorrow. Also Nurse Debbie is gonna put her piggies back in her hair and find festive pony holders. We have been so blessed that such caring, compassionate women have been taking care of our angel. I would not be able to sleep at all if I did not trust those who watch over baby girl. Don't think I get much sleep, I have been staying at the hospital every night in a twin bed down the hall from such thing as comfort, but I would be any other place but here. I am exhausted but not do to the fact I am up worried about who is caring for her, she is in the best hands possible!

Tomorrow we are having a picnic. The family is coming up I am so excited. It will be nice to get outside a bit. There are picnic tables out front, we are getting BBQ...yummy!

And tonight I leave you with this thought..."if god brings it to you, he will bring you through it".
A girl friend emailed that to me and I believe it with all my heart!
Sweet Dreams!!!
I love you Gabriele Sheridan...xoxo


Anonymous said...

Yep, you told her that I would come and squeeze the pee pee out of her if I had to - didn't you? It's so good to hear that she is overcoming one of the last big obsticles that is preventing her from having her chest closed. She just needed a little time to do it her way - it's gotta be the Acker in her ;) I think we all have many more lessons coming our way via Miss Gabbers and for that we should be thankful. You two have done an outstanding job of holding it together up there for her - I know it's not easy being confined to the hospital and feeling like you're being taken for a ride that you have no control over. She's a blessed little girl to have you for parents and God sees what you are going through for her. He wouldn't have given her to you if he didn't know you could see her through this. See you in the morning :)

Aunt GiGi