Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday...still waiting

Sorry for the delay today. I have been a bit discouraged and haven't wanted to update. Here is what is happening, she is extremely dehydrated. Her tummy is not absorbing anything, everything is coming straight out of her poor little bottom. So they have stopped giving her formula and have now put her back on the iv. In turn all her meds will go back through the iv so that it has a better chance of doing its job. So at first I thought today was very negative because in all essence we did take a few steps back, but now she will get nutrition and her meds without a chance of it coming straight out. I am feeling a bit better after visiting with Mema and Aunt GiGi, always good to get others perspective. So thanks to both of them for helping me see more light than I have in a long time.

Angie, thanks for the response. I do not have a flyer, but that is definitely a good idea. I will talk to Jason and maybe we can put something together by Sunday for church. We appreciate any help we can get, so thank you for always spreading the word...leave it to the beauty salon for that huh!?! LOL!

So hopefully in the next few days we will be able to report a turn in her recovery...all for the better.


Anonymous said...

I can tell that you are a little down, so I thought I would drop you a quick line and let you know that although I am not there at the hospital that I am still checking in on Gabi all the time. She sure is having a tough road, but I know how feisty she is and that she will make it through this set back just like she has made it through so many others. She looks great in all the pics you are posting. Glad to see she is still getting her hair done in piggies! I started physical therapy this week and hope to be back to work next week. As always, you all are in my prayers!

Nurse Debbie :)