Thursday, July 12, 2007

6 months today...

I absolutely cannot believe Gabi is 6 months old today. It seems like only yesterday I saw her beautiful face for the first time. It does seems like 6 months ago that I got to hold her though...but I am not gonna go there today. Today is a new day and we are off to a good start. She is off of the Bumex drip, and is now starting Lasix three times a day. And they are coming down on the Dopamine, which means her heart is doing more of the work. She is getting stronger everyday. The medication has been amazing in getting her to where she is now, but the less she is on the stronger she actually gets.

I am sad to see Gabi spend her 6 month birthday in the hospital, but she is getting well and that is the important thing. She is a fighter, with strength we could all only wish for. She has taught Jason and I more in 6 months than most do in a lifetime. She is the reason we have remained as strong as we have. Granted we do have our weak moments, but she is what gets us through those times. Gabi thank you so much for being our angel and guiding us in the right direction and providing us with strength beyond what we could imagine. We love you baby hurry up and get better so we can hold you, and love you, and squeeze you, and call you Georgialina...hehehe...our little joke!


Anonymous said...

She is 6 months old and on the way to recovery with a whole heart - not something you could say a month ago - which makes it a day to celebrate!! THANK YOU, JESUS!!God knows this is hard on you, but if you WEREN'T taking care of yourself by going home and getting out, it would ultimately take a toll on Gabi because we know that she relies on and responds to your emotional state. So not only should you not feel guilty for taking care of yourself - it is your responsibility to her so that you can be as strong as possible for her. Your strength is what she needs right now and always. And you SHOULD be emotional - I personally would be more worried if you weren't. You are doing an outstanding job of being supportive to her and it's okay if you aren't strong all of the time. If it makes you feel better the rest of us can give you a harder time so you can lay off yourself ;)

Love, Aunt GiGi

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 month birthday to you,Gabi!! I cannot believe it was 6 months ago I watched you come into the world. You, little girl have brought so many people so much joy in your short little life already. You are our little angel and we love you sooooooo much!! You have such a special mommy too...she is your biggest fan!! If you don't think so you should check out your blog. Anyway baby girl,keep getting stronger because we are all anxiously waiting to hold you.
Love, MiMi T & Papi B. XXXOOO

Angel Gabi's Daddy said...

Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday to You...Happy 6 month birthday dear pink and squishy...Happy birthday to you! hahaha

Daddy loves you angel! Both of my girls have taught me so much. I live and learn so much every day. Our lives are no where near easy but I wouldn't have it any other way! All of us together, along with all the love and support of our friends and family...make US a stronger family. I don't know what I would do without any of my girls, Mommy, Gracie, and little Gabbers! Yes Gracie....even Sadi and Izzy too! haha...sheesh!


Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see those beautiful eyes! Happy 6 Month Birthday Gabi!