Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 35...

Yesterday we received some distrubing news. We asked the doctor how much longer he thought Gabi would be here. I wish we'd of never asked. He did admit he is a pesimist, but it still wasn't very encouraging. He said he felt like we would definitely be here until fall. He said you could shop for Halloween, but plan on her spending it here. WOW!!! We were definitely not prepared for that answer, but the reality is we will bring her home, so if we just have to wait it out then that is what we will do.

You never plan on things happening in life the way they do that is what makes life worth living, full of adventure...good and bad. Even though it was very dfficult to hear and acceot what Dr. Klem said we know it is what is best for our angel. I would hate to take her home and have to return soon after, so the wait we feel will be very worth it!

Not much change today, she is still having withdraws. She ran a fever through the night, seems a little restless now. They did change her formula from a 20 calorie diet to a 24 calorie diet. Her heart rate is staying steady at 180, so they are going to do an ultrasound to see if they are missing something. So I pray God will help her though this and she may rest and allow her body to continue to heal.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I think my heart stopped! Oh my goodness, I am soooo soooo sorry Gabi has to be that long. Gosh, I am just sobbing over this, sorry I have feelings too! LOL Gabi needs lots and lots of prayers right now and so do you guys. God is looking out for your little angel and he will heal her and you will be bringing her home. I will be in Thursday to see you but it will be after lunch. I cannot wait to see my little angel! Love, The Arnett's

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh! I am so sorry to hear the stay has been lengthened, however, we all have to be so thankful that we live where we do and have such wonderful medical help available to us. Gabi is in the best place (other than her own bed of course) and I know she is getting the very best of care both from her human care givers as well as God and his Angels.

Hang in there Gabi - you're doin' great just keep it up!

Mom, dad and big sister: This is so hard for you I know. Take care of yourselves so when Gabi does come home you will all be ready for her arrival! You don't want to run yourselves down now.

Love to you from me and God's love to you too.


Dana Sue said...

I know this has to be hard for you, hearing this disturbing news, but in the end all of this time will pay off. Like you mentioned it is much better to take her home healthy as can be then have to have her back in the yucky hospital!?! God is watching over you in this recovery and everything will be okay.. Keep your head up Lil Bit