Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th...

Some would believe today is a bad day, a scary day, a day that things just go wrong. Well we do not believe in the superstition that follows this day. Gabi is having a remarkable day! The doctor came in to visit with me a few minutes ago and she said she is very pleased with the progress Gabi is making. Yesterday we were not able to wean her off the ventilator any, but today they have changed the rate twice. She is doing a lot more on her own, so the weaning process is going well. She has gotten sick the last coupe of days after receiving her potassium, so they change the concentration and she is already responding better to it. Gabi was very alert and bright eyed when I came in this afternoon. Yes I said this afternoon, today I went and got a pedicure, I hated being away from her all morning, but it felt great to be out of the hospital. I do not plan on making this a habit coming in late, but I needed it.

Last night I went out with the in-laws. We had a great time, out to eat at Olive Garden and off to Harrah's...we even won a little bit. It was really good to get out with them, great bonding over those slot machines:) Thanks again mom and dad!

Tomorrow we get Gracie back, I am so excited! I have missed that little girl soooooo much!


Anonymous said...

Wow Gabi, you are looking good sweetie!!! It sounds like she is doing great, what wonderful news. I am so excited for you all. She must be so ready to get home!!! Who can blame her. I am glad you got to get out Micah. After being in the hospital for so long, you kind of forget what it is like out in the "real world!!" I am sure everybody agrees that you needed it and deserve it. It is so great to have parents to baby us when we are busy babying our babies. You all continue to be in our thoughts and prays. Take care.
Nate and Amy

Carey said...

Okay, Micah, bawling here!!! I haven't checked the blog in so long, I went back and read it ALL. First, you are so right, she's an ANGEL and a FIGHTER! Secondly, what a hubby you have. His early posts had me in tears, you guys are both such great parents. Lastly, I am so proud of you for getting out and taking care of yourself. If you don't you'll go crazy. I hope you enjoyed your pedi! Keep us posted I can't wait to see home! Carey

Carey said...

Micah, I haven't checked the blog in a while, so I went back and read it ALL. First, your Gabi is an ANGEL and a FIGHTER! Keep on loving her like you do, she's doing so much better, it's amazing. Secondly, your hubby is so sweet, his early posts had me in tears! You guys are both amazing parents. And finally I'm so glad you're getting out. You have to do this for your sanity, good for you. Hope you enjoyed your pedi! Can't wait to see Miss home! Carey

Michelle said...

Your Gabi is a dolly! Your blog address was passed on by a friend. We too have a son who was blessed with a wee bit of something extra. While we have not had to undergo heart surgery, we have had numerous health issues. Sending prayers to your sweet baby for health and strength. Again, she is just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to leave a comment, after finding your blog through your myspace page. I too just went through a very very scary Open heart surgery, with my little man which happens to have down syndrome also. He had a defect called TOF, which was very complex. I just wanted you to know I have followed your story from I beleive april... And you have a beautiful family! Gabi & Graci are both PRECIOUS. My email is if you ever need to talk. My little man is now 8 months old, so they are very close in age! im sooooo glad everything is going sooo well now, yay! Good luck to you and your family, you all contune to be in my prayers for a speedy recovery!

Kristin & JT