Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gabi's Way or No Way...

So my sister in law and I were talking and she told me, we all know what kind of girl Gabi will be when she gets will be her way or no way. She will do things when she wants at her own pace, not I told Jason before we got here today her and I are gonaa have a talk. Us Acker/Nastasios are strong minded people and we don't like to be told what to do. So at least she is staying true to her roots. But gees oh petes girl, enough is enough, it is time to get a move on the progress. She has had no changes today, but I am determined that our talk will do her some good. Aunt Laurie left a great comment yesterday and that is what has inspired me to have a talk with Miss Gabbers...thanks Laurie!
Tomorrow Jason, Gracie, and myself will go to church for the first time since Gabi's surgery. We feel like this will be very good for us and Gabi is at a point that being away is ok. Although Jason and I will be leaving immediately after the service, it will definitely do us some good.