Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Return of Pink and Squishy!

Good Morning everyone. Well as you might have noticed from Mommy's last entry things have not been going as smoothly as we would like to see after this much time in the hospital. So daddy came up yesterday afternoon and Mommy and I decided to spend the night in Gabi's room to talk some sense into her and let her know we are here for her!

She is back on a constant flow of Albumin, which is just a steady flow of fluid to her body. As many of you know that is what causes her to swell up and she is getting pretty big again. However, I'm looking at her monitors and her heart rate is down to 149 which is incredible, her urine output has been fantastic, her temperature is down to normal, and she hasn't had that consistent flow of yukky doody that has been eating up her cute tushy! haha She is still requiring a lot of assistance from all of her medications but the goal is for things to stay like this and then to very slowly start to come back down and hope that we keep her strong enough when doing that, that we don't have to go back to square one again!

Well Dr. Tieves just stopped by and is very happy to see where Gabi is at this morning. Apparently with her kidneys Dialysis was brought up again yesterday but she has told us this morning it has been pushed way back in the plans for making her better. The plan at this point is for her to hopefully maintain where she is at and continue to improve over the next couple of days and then begin the process of coming off of her medications again. This time as the Doc said it will be a much slower process this time so we don't end up in this spot again hopefully!

Today was a good day...let's all keep praying for days like today without quite as much support!

As always thank you for being there with us.

Jason, Micah, Gracie, and Gabi (Pink and REALLY Squishy again!)


Anonymous said...

I hadn't checked on Gabi since you were at church Sunday. Sounds like today is a much better day than the last two. Our hearts are with you and Gabi. Hopefully when they start decreasing the meds at a slower rate she will do much better. She is such a fighter and you are so great. I am glad you spent the evening with her. That is what she needed and you did too.
Just remember you are in our prayers always.
Karl and Judy

Carey said...

Hi guys, we're still keeping up with Miss Gabi and praying for all of you. I just can't wait for her to get home. Can you email me Micah? We'll be at the conference in a week and a half and would love to come visit while we're in town. Thanks! Carey

Anonymous said...

Oh so good to hear Gabi is doing better. All she needed was her Mommy and Daddy there all night and talk some sense in her. Boy, Jason she takes after you, stubborn!! LOL She is such a fighter and is trying sooo hard to get better and go home, where she belongs with you two and Gracie. It will be here soon! It has been a loooooong month for you, but hang in there guys. Just a little longer and you will have your beautiful baby girl home. God is looking out for all of you and your little angel. We are still praying for you. Hannah May sends her love too! She say's, my baby and smooches the screen. Oh, she looking for Gabi too! Love, The Arnett's

Anonymous said...

Well, she was just waiting for those doctors to figure things out. They should be thankful that she can't talk yet or they'd already have had the break down. I'm sure that day will come soon enough - we'll all be getting the break down - Lord help us all!! God's kept her strong throughout all of this ride and he's got plans for her - she's proving that EVERY day.

Love Aunt GiGi